Frequently Asked Questions for a your stay at Cleikum Mill Lodge  self catering Holiday Let Innerleithen Tweed Valley.

If you have any queries about any of the information on this page or wish to discuss anything else related to your booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I book?

Individual rooms –  Last minute bookings may be available if the building is empty or in-between group bookings, so keep an eye on the availability calendar.

For the upstairs apartment Upper Mill book here.

To book the whole building choose the option to book the whole building on the booking page.

 When booking the longer you stay the cheaper the rate is per night.

 The discounts start for booking 3 nights or more select them on the booking form.

For bookings a 30% deposit is required and full balance due 4 weeks before arrival . A reminder will be sent.  Note: If you have not heard from us some messages may have slipped into your spam email folder. It does happen on occasions.

We tend not to receive many same day bookings., so will probably be up in the hills on quiet days.

So please plan at least a day in advance , but we do tend to get booked well in advance anyway so its always best to plan ahead anyway. 

Information/ advice and check in instructions are sent by email approx. 1 week before arrival.  

Bikes /E Bikes

We accept no responsibility for bikes and equipment stored on our premises.

We want to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, including those who bring their e-bikes on holiday.

We promote safe charging practices to minimize potential fire risks, please see the following e-bike charging policy:

  1. Use approved chargers:
  2. Only use chargers that are specifically designed and recommended for your e-bike model. Using incompatible chargers can increase the risk of overcharging and overheating, potentially leading to fire hazards.
  3. Charge your e-bike in the bike store.

Do not charge your e-bike or batteries in bedrooms or enclosed spaces.

Do not cover bike with one of storage blankets when its being charged.

  1. Do not leave charging bikes unattended:
  2. Avoid leaving your e-bike unattended while charging and avoid charging your e-bike overnight.

 We strongly recommend that you remain present during the charging process so that you can promptly respond to any potential issues or concerns that may arise by checking periodically.

  1. Keep flammable materials away: Ensure that your e-bike is positioned at a safe distance from any flammable materials such as fabrics, papers, or liquids and clothing

 Keeping a clear space around the charging area minimises the risk of ignition if heat or flames are generated. This includes hanging clothes to dry!

  1. Regular inspection:
  2. Before beginning the charging process, inspect the charger, cable, and e-bike battery for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion.

If you notice any issues, please do not charge your e-bike.    Local bike shops can help. 

  1. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines: Adhere to the specific charging instructions provided by the e-bike manufacturer. These guidelines may include recommended charging times, temperature ranges, and any additional precautions to ensure safe and effective charging.

You are your responsible to do things safely

If you have any questions or concerns regarding e-bike charging during your stay, please do not hesitate to us.

Is linen provided?

Yes, clean bed linen provided. a sheet, duvet (with cover) and pillow(s).

For doubles we use 2 single duvets.

One towel per guest provided. 

Please make it clear if any towels or beds are not used to help us and the environment.

Do you have drying room and clothes washing facilities?

Yes, we have a drying room which contains a washing machine and dryer and soap powder to get you started ( depending on stay duration) .  We ask you to donate money for use of washing machine and dryer to keep our costs down, alternatively there is a laundrette in Innerleithen. Please respect our washing machines and do not over load them or mistreat them (please rinse very muddy items before putting in machine).

Do we provide breakfast or other meals?

We provide tea and coffee. and milk on arrival  Breakfast can be pre booked in hotel nearby ,we send will details out with our information pack. Its a 1 minute walk away and popular with our guests.

There is a choice of cafes, the nearest is on the opposite corner, a bakery, greengrocers and butchers in the High St and a supermarket 150 metres away.

There are numerous eateries, pubs ,takeaways and a Tap room for evening meals and refreshments.

For birthdays and special occasions we can put you in contact with some local cake makers who can help decide what you want delivered to the door for your arrival.

Can we bring children/babies?

Children welcome. 

We can supply one cot and one high chair by arrangement.

Can we bring pets?

Guide dogs by arrangement prior to booking please.

It is possible to bring dogs, please let us know in advance.

Its a dog walking paradise. Dogs love it. We have a dog bowl and water bowl ready and rub down towels etc.

Please contact us first.


Check in and out times

Check out: 10am prompt on day of departure , staff arrive to start prep for new arrivals at 10am due to the fact most arrivals want to get in early!

When possible we relax these times and will let you know and make a clear confirmation in advance.      It does depend on various factors and considerations which vary day to day.

Please leave the place clean and tidy and in good order.

Check in: After 4pm but we are flexible and will do our best to make this earlier subject to the jobs on arrival day.

Room Cleaning

We do not enter you room until your day of departure to prepare for the next guest. We may enter the building to carry out small tasks  , but we endeavour to leave you to enjoy your holiday, depending on room changeovers etc.

If you book the whole building we will let you enjoy your holiday and are nearby if needed for any reason. Please report any issues or problems we can try and repair them or plan to do it after your departure, Thankyou.  We arrive 10am prompt on check out days to start our prep for future guests.


We will likely arrange a self check in so you have no deadlines for arrival times. We may contact you before arrival to let you know if an earlier check in time is possible. Laundry is delivered on a Thursday morning and will dropped by the driver in the hallway. He has a code to enter the Hallway. You can lock apartment doors  for peace of mind if you wish to


There is flat access to the downstairs rooms suitable for people with mobility issues.  There is a small step into the shower. The downstairs kitchen has flat access and full facilities.

This has proved popular for family reunions with wiser members of the family!!

Your host.

Ex Construction Engineer Graham is your host and has a passion for this area. We moved here over 18 years ago because we spent so many holidays and weekends up here it made sense!

I will help with advice on what to see and do as its my job that you enjoy your stay.

I  have cycled all my life and knows this area extensively by car, bike, on foot or public transport.

I have walked and cycled various parts of Europe and beyond so know what you need after a day out, having stayed in similar accommodation, and aim to provide this at Cleikum Mill;

  • Comfortable cosy facilities with the ability to eat in or out and with a supermarket 2 mins walk away it makes life really easy and a mug of tea or coffee available on arrival.
  • A secure bike store inside the building and a key issued for its door to further improve security.
  • Practical layout…no white carpets! Feel at home after a day out exploring 
  • The facilities required to wash/dry  your favourite kit ready for the next day.
  • An idea of what’s on in the area with maps on the walls to help plan and make the most of your time here.
  • Advise or help you as much or as little as you want before or during your stay.
  • If I cannot help I should know who can.
  • A hassle free experience so you can make the most of your time here.
  • Van back up option for rides/walks (booked in advance.)
  • We have also helped to provide enough facilities to make family holidays and reunions easy as well, we have had many family reunions here ourselves , the well stocked kitchen can cope.